Brit, 22, ‘seen carrying wounded civilian at Israeli kibbutz’ is confirmed to have died fighting Hamas gunmen ‘within days of celebrating first wedding anniversary’

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A British-Israeli soldier who was seen carrying a wounded civilian out of harm’s way at a kibbutz as Hamas terrorists attacked has had his death confirmed by his family. 

Yosef Guedalia was just 22 years old when he was killed fighting in an anti-terror squad that confronted Hamas terrorists at Kibbutz Kfar Aza, just a few miles from the Gaza Strip, on 7 October. 

His brother, Asher, said he helped get injured civilians to safety before going back to fight the terrorists. 

Asher said he has a video of Yosef carrying an injured civilian who is now alive and recovering in hospital. 

Yosef, whose mother Dina is British and grew up in Manchester, reportedly died within days of his first wedding anniversary, though reports have conflicted on exactly when this was. 

Asher said that his brother, who lived in Jersusalem with his wife, understood that ‘he might not get back to his wife and his family but that’s his calling. That’s the hero we had for 22 years.’

Yosef was due to celebrate his first anniversary with his wife

Yosef was due to celebrate his first anniversary with his wife

‘He literally saved people minutes before he got shot. He acted with heroism and determination, he continued to fight and didn’t think of himself or hesitate,’ Asher said. 

‘He went into rescue as many citizens as possible before they got murdered in their homes and to kill as many terrorists as he could.’

His family told the Times that he was at a synagogue while on weekend leave when sirens warning of the Hamas attack blared. 

He contacted his superiors and asked them whether they wanted him to fight. 

After returning to their Jerusalem flat, he got ready for battle. 

His wife, Senai, said: ‘Then he said: “I love you, I’ll see you soon” and he got in the car.’

He reportedly arrived at the kibbutz at 12pm, fighting for more than two hours with three of his friends, also IDF soldiers, before falling in battle. 

‘He fought until his last breath and they killed him. We were fortunate that we could bury him and mourn him,’ his father David Guedalia, 54, said. 

The Times of Israel reported that Guedalia was part of the elite Duvdevan unit of the IDF, known for its undercover operations in urban areas. 

Its members are well-known for being highly trained in counterintelligence, as well as taking out high value militant targets.  

Yosef leaves behind his wife, 23-year-old Senai from Massachusetts, behind, and was buried in the Har Hertzl Military Cemetery in Jerusalem. 

Yosef was one of 11 Brits who have been killed by Hamas in the bloodiest conflict between the terror group and Israel in decades. 

At least four more Brits are still missing.  

More to follow.  

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