Google’s AI Can Now Create Images From Search, Google Images

Following in Bing’s footsteps, Google is rolling out an update to its Search Generative Experience (SGE) that will allow you to generate images. In a few examples posted on its blog, Google demonstrated the ability to generate images directly from search and in Google Images.

To access the feature, you’ll need to enroll in the SGE beta and be at least 18. Google recently started rolling out SGE to younger teens, but this feature won’t come to them, at least not yet.

You can generate an image by starting a search with a “draw a…” or “sketch a…” prompt. Google says the feature is available now, although we couldn’t get SGE to create images with that prompt in our testing. From there, of course, the sky is nearly the limit.

“Nearly,” because Google does have some guardrails in place. You won’t be able to create photorealistic images of faces or notable individuals. Any prompt that violates Google’s prohibited use policy for generative AI won’t work either. That’s assuming people don’t find a way around those guardrails. Google also says all images generated by SGE will have metadata labeling and embedded watermarking so anyone can tell the image came from AI.

You’ll also find image-generation capabilities in Google Images now. When scrolling through images, you may see a prompt to create something from your search terms in the results. It’s more likely to happen when searching for inspiration like “spooky ideas for Halloween” than for something more specific, like character art from your favorite show.

In addition to generated images, SGE will create drafts for you now. The example Google gave involved a search for converting a garage to an office space. If you find a contractor you like, SGE can draft an initial email to get the work started.

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